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1 Funniest NFL Memes (daily updates)352158800Just in! We're glad you found us. Here is a gathering place for NFL fans who like Football, concern NFL hot topics, and enjoy funny NFL memes. Feel free to write on our wall, join discussions or add photos and videos. You rock!!!
2 FIFA Online 3 Thailand By Player350198750** ADMIN กลุ่มห้ามรับผ่านกลาง ห้ามรับเงินในเกมให้ทุกกรณี เพื่อป้องกันการเกิดปัญหาปลอมเฟส ADMIN มาหลอกสมาชิกในกลุ่ม ** FIFA Online 3 By Player กลุ่มสำหรับเพื่อนๆที่จะเข้ามาสนุกสนานกันกับกิจกรรมแจกบั
3 Soccer chat346168650Welcome to Soccer Chat ! This Group is Dedicated to all Football Fans there on Facebook ♥ POST Here Whatever You want...Any Pic or stuff RELATED TO FOOTBALL ONLY. Owners : Berba/Anouar/Absol
4 Run JunkEes Run Club34526678625Hi and Welcome to the RunJunkEes Run Club. Please read this entire description. Comments, inquiries and compliments and complaints can be sent to RunJunkEeTeam@gmail.com The RunJunkEes run club offers all of the benefits of traditional run club. We aim to take the intimidation out of the equation that keeps many people from joining a traditional club Here, we share training ideas, accomplishments and failures. We support, motivate, encourage and educate one another through our common pa
5 Real Madrid34568625Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (also known as Los Blancos or Los Merengues) is a professional Spanish Football Club based in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1902 it plays in La Liga. Real Madrid plays its home games at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (which holds 85,454 fans) in Madrid, inaugurated in December 1947. On December 23 2000, FIFA awarded Real Madrid with "Best Football Club of the 20th Century" award. Real Madrid is the biggest and most popular football club in the world according to case
6 manchester united fan club..3441488600 Hi - THE ADMIN GROUP of this site would LOVE you to add your friends who support Manchester United to this Group. However, please leave us to press the Admit button ... we're not being control freaks - we are just being very careful about Group Security. So many abusive and unpleasant people would like to get in here ........ and we don't want them! If you could also remember a couple of rules when you're posting in the Group. 1. Please don't swear .... its offensive to some members of
7 Chess Teachers and Learners343148575"This is a place where all chess players are welcome. From beginners to advanced. A place to teach and learn, tell about our experiences and share our mutual knowledge" Dedicated to the founder, Markus Strommer
8 UltraRunning342308550www.TheUltraMarathon.com
9 National Black Marathoners Association3411428525Monitored by Tony Reed (NBMA Co-Founder & Executive Director) & Alexandria Williams (Board Member) The National Black Marathoners' Association (NBMA) is a not-for-profit organization. It is open to everyone, regardless of your athletic ability or previous marathon experience. (Over 40% of our members have never completed a marathon and many are walkers.) Our objectives are to - Encourage Black Americans and others to pursue a healthy life-style through long distance running and walking. - Se
10 Manchester united fan group !3401448500Its MAN UTD fan group!!! you can s4s you pages or change your pages....... you can even ask or discus things with people on MAN UTD !!!!! GGMU4LiFe!
11 Denver Broncos339108475Full coverage for your Denver Broncos bloggers featuring Mile High Report, Pro Football Spot, DenverBroncos.com, The Denver Post, ESPN, Bleacher Report and many more! Please don't go crazy trying to sell stuff as it will result in a ban from this group. Selling items you have custom made yourself, is still okay! Fan on fan crime will not be tolerated. Posts questioning the veracity of another's fandom will result in the post(s) being deleted.
12 Manchester United Fans Club3382008450Selamat Bergabung di Grup Manchester United Fans Club. disini adalah tempat untuk para Fans MU berkumpul & berbagi tentang Manchester United atau sebagainya.
13 FOOTBALL GAME SHOW3381058450Football Game Show is a Unique take on soccer entertainment for Radio. Loaded with thrills, the show is crafted to reflect the very nature of live football - fast track, suspense filled, exciting, tactical and spontaneous. The only difference being that the pitch is on radio. The programme host is the referee and the players are the teeming football loving Nigerians (Radio Audiences) playing live. Football Game Show features a menu of Four structured games interlaced with football entertainment
14 Real Madrid Nepal33658400A home for all Nepali Madridistas. RULES!! 0) The match date, Kick off time as in Nepali time, Channel in which the game will be live broadcast in Nepal and other details will be mentioned in the "Pinned Post." Dont waste your time and energy making posts asking match dates and time. Those posts will be deleted immediately. 1) This is the space of Madridistas. We hope you are one of us, but it is not possible for us to ascertain loyalty of each one of you. However we expect you to keep this
15 Roller Derby Recyclables33338325Group Description Roller Derby Recyclables (RDR) is a place for all roller derby related individuals to share, trade or sell any new or used derby equipment. Equipment: pads, helmets, skates, wheels, and clothes manufactured for derby use. *Strongly suggested that all members review the files tab of this page for important information, tips and feedback. Thank you and much Derby love to ALL! Sellers: 1. Clearly provide a description of your item; include pricing, shipping and location if applic
16 Real Madrid Is In My DNA332358300No matter what happens we the Madridismos still has Real Madrid in our DNA. the only club with a unique history MADRIDISTA TILL LAST BREATHE. MADRID FOREVER. FORCA MADRID. HALA MADRID.
17 Npower League 232788175A place where true football fans can have fun discussing the joys of League 2 :)
18 Idiots Running Club3023297550Everybody that runs has at least one person in their life that will call them an idiot. Just the way it is. In most cases it is probably true. Only an idiot would do the things we do. Running in the heat, cold, rain, wind or snow. On the roads, trails or treadmills. Trips/vacations are planned around running events or training schedules. We set alarms on the weekends so we can go long. Ice packs, ace bandages, foam rollers, ibuprofen, and good old DIRT can fix any injury...... Face it. You are a
19 Everything NFL & Fantasy Football!255266375ALL THIS GROUP IS ABOUT FOOTBALL...YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR EMAIL SETTINGS BY CLICKING EDIT SETTINGS AND UNCHECK THE BOX AND STOP GETTING NOTIFICATIONS ....All fans from all 32 teams are welcome and all Fantasy Football Owners are welcome,Please invite your friends that love football to our group i would very much appreciate that! (Thanks)! P.S Add your Friends and Fellow Fantasy Football League Mates Aswell And Girls are Welcome to Group also
20 World Chess Association©24766175This group is for chess players and for people who like chess. Its aim is to unite chess players around the globe. You can learn teach solve and share your knowledge here. All are welcome B-)
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