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Drive Instant, Free and Targeted Traffic From Where Your Prospects Are

You've probably tried many techniques to drive visitors to your websites: SEO, PPC, email marketing, display ads and more. You've likely ignored one of the largest traffic sources that can generate instant, free and targeted visits: online communities. Over one billion people are active in tens of millions of online communities every month, and 700 million people use Facebook groups monthly.

There're many advantages of generating traffic from online communities (Facebook groups in particular):

  1. The traffic is instant. You don't have to build follower/fan base, or wait for months to see the visitors if you use SEO.
  2. The traffic is free. You don't have to pay a dollar a click.
  3. The traffic is interest-targeted, and could be geo-targeted.
  4. The traffic converts better because you could interact with the prospects in the online communities.
The reason that online marketers either ignored this traffic source or failed to generate traffic from it is because they either did it wrong, or didn't use the right process and technology.

We've built SoEngaging: a platform for optimizing the traffic generation process in 5 steps.

  1. We find and join 100 - 200 groups in your niche to start with, and add more groups regularly.
  2. SoEngaging will analyze the groups for engagement, optimal posting frequency and the best time for engagement.
  3. We create many different post copies using variations of text and images. We generate traffic by contributing to online communities on your behave.
  4. We find the best performed groups and the best performed posts via split tests. SoEngaging tracks the clicks from every post. We know what groups convert better, and what groups drive most traffic from what countries.
  5. We schedule and rotate the best performed posts to the best performed groups at the best time for engagement at optimal posting frequency.
We've seen one single post in a Facebook group generated 10,000 clicks, but 50 - 500 visits a day is typical dependent on the niche. Email us if you want to see sample posts.


Customized Traffic Service       If you need large amount of traffic with a budget of $2,000 or more, we'll give you a free estimate for a customized social media marketing plan . Email your website URLs and traffic requirements to SoEngaging Support for immediate Email support.  


Q. Does it work with sites in any niche?
A. Yes, there're many online communities for any niche.

Q. How long it takes to see the traffic after placing an order?
A. You'll start to see traffic in a few days.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. Refund will not be honored once a campaign is started. We'll run the campaign for another month free to reach 1,000 guaranteed monthly clicks if it didn't reach that number in the first month.

Q. What do I need to do?

  1. You'll need a Facebook account, and/or Linkedin account.
  2. Interact with the prospects when they like or comment on your posts.
Q. I'm really busy. Do you have a full service plan that you do everything for me?
A. Yes. We have a full service plan at $200/month.


Contact support@soengaging.com.

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