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Facebook Group Posting: Plans and Pricing

What We Do
  1. Find and join the right groups for your niche.
  2. Create the right messages for your campaign.
  3. Test for the best performed groups and the best performed messages.
  4. Schedule the posts for the best time for engagement.
  5. Track clicks ( and conversions) by groups, countries and devices.
  6. Monitor the progress and adjust the plan.
What You Get
  1. 50-500 clicks daily dependent on niche.
  2. 1,000 monthly clicks guaranteed.
  3. One plan for one account and one niche.
  4. Access to a dashboard for campaign reports.
Managed Service
Full Service
Use your Facebook account for promotion. We'll find FB users to promote for you.

Contact support@soengaging.com.


Contact support@soengaging.com.


Learn more about the service
Talk to us on Skype: soengaging2014

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