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Faebook Group Directory: Science/Technology

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1 Windows Phone!3472318675Welcome to the World's biggest and best Windows Phone discussion group on Facebook! You can discuss anything about Windows Phones. No restrictions in innovations, or ideas. Make sure you follow these 15 rules. Failure to abide by them can result in immediate ban BUT not all these rules broken result in being banned,only the serious ones do. 1) Spamming is strictly prohibited. 2) Preferably English &; Hindi should be used as we have 90% members from India and 10% from various countries.
2 Windows Phone Help Line342438550This group is for discussions on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1,discussions of problems faced while operating phones running Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and latest updates of windows phones. Group rules- 1.Members have to use English while posting(if u dont know english,then not compulsory to u). 2.Irrelevant posts including personal posts,ads,videos,promoting pages or websites not allowed. 3.No discrimination of members because of their ethnic origin, culture, religion, gender, etc. 4.Using
3 Jual Beli HP,Smartphone,and Gadget Cilegon,Serang,dan sekitarnya3399608475Jual Beli Handphone & Smartphone Baru,Second. Cilegon & Serang
4 Windows Phone India Owners33748425Welcome to India's biggest Windows Phone related group on Facebook. We may be Windows Phone related group, but you also allowed to discuss about Windows, Azure, Xbox, and Office. This means anything and everything about Microsoft. This community of Windows Phone enthusiasts, average users, developers, fanboys, and fangirls! Together we all share our admiration and appreciation for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 in India ! Join us as we have fun spreading the joy of Windows Phone to other
5 occasion/neuf apple / blackberry333148325Ici on vend du neuf ou de l'occasion Apple et Blackberry Coucou , alors voilà pour plus de facilité j'ai crée des albums bien spécifiques pour chaque appareil a vendre ( plus facile pour les recherches ) veuillez respecter les albums et ajouter dedans et non sur le mur ! je laisse quelque jours au personnes qui on déjà des photo dans le groupe pour mettre les photos dans les albums je ne les supprimerai pas avant quelques jours pour qu'ils soient encore visible ( 2 ou 3 ) après cela
6 I fucking love science32938225Science discussion group. Group rules: - Don't be a dick. You all know how to not be dicks. Don't be abusive, rude, condescending or anything else. I don't want to hear any whining about "I didn't know". You know if you're being a dick. - No religious or atheist topics. Please just stick to science, people of all faiths (or lack of) are equally welcome here. - No spamming. Aside from the obvious "click here for porn" spam, advertising your own page, blog or group is also spamming. Link to pag
7 Windows Phone Fans :)25486350This community of Windows Phone is for Windows Phone 8 and 7 enthusiasts, users, developers, fanboys, and fangirls ! Here we can share our experiences, queries, news and solutions to different Windows Phone issues through Pics, tweets, vids and texts. We're not just about the news...we're about sharing all of our experiences with each other! Learn how to get the most from your Windows Phone Smartphone.
8 Mega Windows Phone183124575Grupo relacionado ao Windows Phone. Posts como dicas, tutoriais, notícias, novidades e tudo sobre o Windows Phone, e a Nokia/Microsoft.
9 Internet of Things8052000This group covers the Internet Of Things. We also work, out of a Silicon Valley garage, on new IOT ideas. The Vision is a "Transparent World of Data". Our Mission is “Connecting SCREENS to the cloud to display cloud connected DATA” Feel free to join the group of entrepreneurs, contribute your feedback or just enjoy the next big thing here :)
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