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1 Doctor Who - True Whovians348208700True Whovians is a Group solely dedicated to Doctor Who and our love for it. This is a safe community for everyone no matter age, race, nationality or creed. This is a group free of bullying, bickering, fighting, religion, politics and discrimination. Only the Doctor.
2 Supernatural Fans page345108625This is a group for all supernatural fans to share there love for the show. Promo 4 promo allowed and any other supernatural related posts..
3 Star Trek Modellers Group342218550 Welcome to the Star Trek model group. Everyone is welcome whether you’re a modeller Artist or a casual viewer. This is a Star Trek only model group. For models of any medium - Plastic, Lego, I would also like to ask that there be no goofy Comedy posts like that which you see in many of the different Star Trek groups. There are many good causes out there however we do not support or opposed any particular cause as politics and/or any other persuasion has nothing whatsoever to do with mode
4 Seattle Area Chivers & Chivettes341158525MISSION STATEMENT: Seattle Area Chivers and Chivettes is a community of likeminded people that enjoy getting together and always aim to make positive changes through community support. We strive to make a difference through Random Acts of Kindness while never taking ourselves too seriously and hosting outrageous events all for the greater good. Here are a few simple guidelines for getting along in our group: 1. RESPECT. We will never all agree on everything, but we will respect each other. Thi
5 Game of Thrones340988500A group dedicated to the most amazing HBO Series “Game of Thrones” as well as the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” =========================================== A "Game of Thrones" is an American epic fantasy television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. The series, set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Esso
6 "FRIENDS FUN HOUSE CLUB"33910008475HELLO EVERYONE WELCOME TO "FRIENDS FUN HOUSE CLUB'' IF YOU WANT TO Join IN THIS GROUP: YOU MUST FOLLOW GROUP RULES: ®Feel free to post here.. BUT ®Porn/nude/sex photos strictly probihited. ®Avoid fighting in comments. ®Speak any language u want but Avoid saying bad words & abusive words. ®Be friendly and patience to everyone. ®Respect founder/creator/admins and co members. ®You're free to leave this group if your not Intrested. ®If we find out U ARE fake user asking for add, "AUTOMATIC
7 Halloween Lovers3383168450Welcome to all who love Halloween! We here at Halloween Lovers are a tight group, we treat each other with respect & curiosity...any other way is unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated ! This is a group for Halloween Lovers ...any post NOT being related to Halloween and or Halloween related subjects will be removed.Thanks Everyone !
8 Star Trek Continues Official Group33668400This is the official facebook group for STAR TREK CONTINUES. This will be your source for News, Updates and Interaction with the professionals creating the production. We are committed to helping spread awareness of STC via social media, word of mouth, smoke signals - anything. Tell a friend, they'll be glad you did! Please "like" the Official fan page and invite your friends to do the same. Live long and prosper!
9 BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH The Greatest Sherlock Ever336248400If you love Benedict Cumberbatch come and join the madness dedicated to the greatest Sherlock ever. All are welcome, even JohnLock fans
10 Vape Auctions33548375A REAL Vape related auction site! BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!
11 Sherlock Therapy Group334188350Created for fans of I Am MerWhoLocked who want to discuss the 3rd Series of Sherlock as it airs in the UK. It has now become a Therapy Group to help us cope with the feels that will haunt us for years after we watch "His Last Vow"! Feel free to add your friends to the group! Valeria, Katie, Maria, Chloe, Lucy, Abi, Sian, Freya & Sammie - Your admins on I Am MerWhoLocked :) Not sure who reads this - But just as a warning. We will not tolerate harassment. Please be kind to everyone. : ) Any pro
12 Unlawful Inc.3327278300Come on in. Have Fun. It's an open group of funny fucking people. [slightly offensive] Steal any pic you want. Share any pic you want. Be Cool. Invite People. Don't be a Dick. (no nudity or bannable shit because it is an open group and your gran will totally report you) You are the Unlawfuls.
13 Sherlock Holmes Fans330118250The Biggest Sherlock Holmes fan group in Facebook The Official Page is : https://www.facebook.com/SirSherlockHolmes
14 Vapers Lounge32938225This 18+ group is to educate those looking for an alternative to smoking and updates on how to support the use of the personal vaporizer. Please, feel free to share your stories, news, and any help you may lend to those starting on their vaping journey and becoming smoke free! This group is owned by the users of the group. All administrative positions will be filled by the person(s) you vote into their respective position. Impeachment procedures will be used as needed. And voting will ta
15 Star Trek Community World32548125This is a page where all trekkers can post add comments and have a talk...all that matters is that everything has to be referred to star trek. post everithing about star trek and technology referred to trek world, it is not allowed to merchandise..if you have any doubts pleas tell the admin NOTE : This group is of Italian rule
16 Hollywood Undead Official Army324268100Official Hollywood Undead group where you can show the love about HU and many other stuff :)
17 MoviesDrop314107850MoviesDrop is an Online Community of Movie Freaks and Film Buffs. Discuss about your favourite movies. Get suggestions for your next movie. Test your Movie Knowledge. *MoviesDrop is a part of Slashsquare network. You can discuss almost anything related to movies, including TV series, Cartoons, Animation movies, etc. Discuss about any movie language, hope our members can help with you that. This group was initially started with the intention of sharing movie knowledge within close peers and l
18 Jamil's Comics & Collectables (JCC)312247800This group is for all Comics enthusiasts! We discuss and comment on things relating to comics. This group was created by me - JCC - the first Comics shop in Dhaka. We accept all Visa debit/credit cards in the store (no American Express though) Our only shop is at UAE Market, Banani, Kamal Ataturk Ave. Shop is open from 10:00-8:00 every day other than Sunday (weekly holiday) and holidays. Iftekhar can be reached during office hours at 01912709883. Our Bank Account is - Brac Bank, current accoun
19 The Original STAR TREKKERS30537625Notice: Our group has been growing at an ever expanding rate, kinda like Tribbles around Quadrotriticale. We would very much like to welcome every new member personally as we have in the past, however, there are so many new members on a daily basis the welcome posts have proliferated and overtaken the member's posts, (images, Star Trek News, etc), and pushed them down the page and out of immediate view. In view of the foregoing please consider yourselves welcomed when we add you. We feel it's be
20 The Official STAR TREK Convention 30027500The Official STAR TREK Convention presented by Creation Entertainment. http://www.creationent.com http://twitter.com/CreationEnt This group has been established to provide a place for people to exchange information about the upcoming Creation Entertainment conventions, as well to share the photos and experiences from those conventions. We ask that you keep your posts focused on convention related topics. As well, before posting, please take some time and scroll down the page. Many posts have
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