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1 Candy Crush Saga All Help3502898750With a dedicated website. This group was created for Candy Crush Saga players to help each other and give encouragement.. No Advertising, No swearing and no posting cheats or hacks!
2 ANDROID PHONE/GAMES,APPS,ETC and TRICKS3488318700Games,Apps,Tricks,Etc On the GO!!!!
3 Swerigs346398650Välkommna till Swerigs! Swerigs är gruppen för er vars intresse är datorer, spel, e-sport e.t.c och riktar sig främst mot oss som bor i Sverige. Du får mer än gärna gå med i vår grupp för att diskutera, posta bilder e.t.c Ifall du har problem eller behöver köpråd, kan du posta detta i vår grupp Swerigs TechSupport men tänk gärna igenom allt några minuter innan du postar. Ifall du kan komma på några direkta nyckelord kan det vara smart att testa www.google.se först! Regle
4 Dead Trigger 2 (Players)34348575Dead Trigger 2 Player's Welcome to - DT2 Big Group - Here you can know the latest news - You can meet New friends - Competition among yourselves - Here to share pages - (Respect In) - To share ideas and thoughts - Cheat and Hack None !!! To share their experiences - Share your own tips and strategies all of you Have fun Group admin - ~☆deathmach¡ne☆~ Türk Clan
5 PlayStation®4 Indonesia3421448550JU4L4N> http://bit.ly/d_4 2014> http://bit.ly/265ps4 FROM fans to F4NS http://bit.ly/ps41d
6 GAmer Indonesia.. (PC/Ps3/Xbox360.etc)34158525Welcome To Gamer Indonesia (PC, PS, Xbox, etc) Silahkan Manfaatkan Grup Ini Buat Sharing, Bertanya Dan Saling Berbagi Info Tentang Dunia Game. Mau Game Bajakan Atau Ori Tidak Masalah Di Sini, Yg Terpenting Adalah Saling Menghargai Sesama User Ori Maupun User Bajakan. Karena Yang Kita Utamakan Di Sini Adalah Membahas Segala Hal Tentang Dunia Game, Bukan Nya Malah Membahas Antara User Game Ori & Bajakan, Karena Hal Seperti Itu Hanya Akan Menimbulkan Pertikaian. Untuk Member Baru Di Harapkan Untuk
7 PS3 Malaysia Gang34038500Please do not post anything not related to gaming here as you will faced removed and banned from the admins. I searched the facebook groups but cannot find a PS3 group so I decided to create one. Welcome all the PS3 gamers to join here and we might got a chance to have some TT session and also gaming session.
8 Victorious Gaming3404628500Welcome to the Victorious Gaming Facebook Group! Victorious Gaming is an exciting and friendly Teamspeak 3 Community, with tournaments prized by Riot Games with additional support from NFO Servers, Sandboxr, and Teamspeak. ADMINS: Kevin "Erebus" Wallace - (VG Co-Founder) Scott "Elder Dreams" Miller - (VG Co-Founder) Jim "Haoshoku" Richmond - (Community Admin) RULES: 1. No advertising, self-promotion, spamming, asking for gifts, and attempting unauthorized giveaways, This will result in potent
9 Indie Game Developers338108450Independent Game Developers group for small companies and individuals designing and publishing their own games. **READ THE STICKY POST AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE** No promotion in this group - use our Indie Game Promo sister group https://www.facebook.com/groups/227592780726252/ for your appstore/google play links, forums, trailers and so on. You are welcome to announce your kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Greenlight or other campaign, but please keep it to one thread for per game. First off - be res
10 Game Development33798425This is a group dedicated to the art of video game development. We encourage discussion of views on the industry and we are aiming to provide support for any questions people may have about the game development process. *RULES* If you have a pressing question, please do the following before posting anything: 1. If you are looking for help doing something - try it on your own first. 2. Search in Google/Bing for it 3. Search the group for the topic in question. 4. Don't be a 'Help Vampire' 5. Th
11 PlayStation®Vita Indonesia335118375JUALAN> http://bit.ly/1Djual 2014> http://bit.ly/PSv1t4 #RULES yang perlu diperhatikan dan dipatuhi dalam grup ini adalah sebagai berikut: 1. Diperbolehkan berdiskusi tentang segala macam hal mengenai PS Vita termasuk hardware, software, games, fitur, dll. 2. Dilarang membanding2kan psVITA dengan console / handheld yang lain. Kita semua gamers, ga ada untung na menjelek-jelekan produk lain. 3. Dilarang "UP" postingan jualan sendiri lebih dari sekali dalam sehari. Tapi boleh comment yg sifatny
12 Game Mobile iOS-Android Indonesia3344008350Rules / PERATURAN!! ---|Member Baru Wajib membaca / menyimak|--- 1. Setiap member dapat menambahkan anggota baru, di grup ini... 2. Dilarang Spam(bot komen,promosi pulsa dll...),Bully antar sesama member & membeda-bedakan ( suku, Ras, Agama) 3. Khusus untuk posting Menjual/Membeli harap diberi Tag sebagai berikut... ~ [WTB] / WTB : akan membeli sesuatu / Want To Buy ~ [WTS] / WTS : akan menjual sesuatu / Want To Sell 4. Dan khusus untuk posting yg tidak berhubungan dengan tema / topik grup
13 PS4 Malaysia Gang3331818325PS4 Malaysia Gang for the original PS3 Malaysia Gang, separate group for separate interest and easy game trading.... Happy posting everyone
14 United Duelists of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Trading Card Game3261708150Greetings Everybody,. Welcome to the group known as United Duelist Of Yu-gi-oh! we are a growing community welcoming potential members from around the world that play/trade/sell yu-gi-oh tcg or ocg. (We also welcome Magic the gather\Vanguard\and pokemon and all other TCGs) We want all our members to have the best experience of being in one of the most prestigious groups ever and that can feel that they are safe. Scammers are not welcomed to this group and forbid anybody inviting them to this
15 PS3 GAMES : SELL IT , BUY IT , TRADE IT 3201008000for all ps3 fans . if you finished game and you want to sell it or trade with another game plz don't be shy to post it her . and don't forget to share your latest update of the new ps33 game or add-ones and anything have to do with ps3 games . have fun all
16 || Gamers Worldwide ||298137450Hello fellow gamers, movie lovers, and anime fans! Well, as you might know " || Gamers Worldwide || " has just been created. We are searching active members, which support the group, and get along with each other. You are free to post anything, but there are some rules too. RULESYSTEM: || 1. Don't spam the group with links and other stuff. || 2. We don't pirate games here. If you post some torrents to games here, you're out. || 3. No nudity! Yes we all like boobs, but there are special pages
17 Gamers Only (!)268116700--------GAMERS ONLY-------- Facebook PAGE : http://on.fb.me/13VUnSg Steam : http://bit.ly/157lZ9t Download Game For Free Here: http://on.fb.me/1rdZy1u (ADMINS) Owner : Akmal Hanafi Admin : Nizam Niyomatrix Admin : Man Dele Admin : Muhammad Haziq As'ari Admin : Are-mirul Hye-Qal Quotes: " If you're a true gamer. You don't care what you play.." Peraturan . Dilarang menge-post link-2 subscribers/autofollowers ataupun yang sekutu dengannya . Dilarang mencarut . Dilarang menge-post bahan
18 Games Makers 201216944225Welcome to GM2012, a group for Games Maker volunteers of London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. Please make sure that all actions within this group are in accordance to the Terms & Conditions set out by Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/policies/ It's the admin's backsides that get kicked hard from Facebook if we allow Mr Zuckerberg's rules to be broken.
19 Pokemon Battle Zone126183150Bienvenidos y disfruten de nuestra Liga, pelea contra nuestros lideres de gimnasio, elite y campeón, prueba que puedes ser el proximo entrenador no. 1 en Pokemon Battle Zone! Disfruta también participando en nuestros torneos y sorteos. Pásenla bien en un ambiente relajado, reta a otros entrenadores en este grupo pues hay gente de todos niveles :) We can also speak english if needed -NO HACEMOS PROMOS-
20 Star Trek Attack Wing Community110142750Welcome to the Star Trek: Attack Wing community, a group dedicated to the game. This is quite a large group and continues to grow. As such, we have some alternate groups that can be used for specific tasks and queries to reduce the flow-through of messages here. If you have a rules question, try the rules group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarTrekAttackWingRulesCouncil/ If you have items to trade, try the trade group. Trade topics here will be deleted. https://www.facebook.com/groups/St
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