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Faebook Group Directory: Fashion

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1 Woman's Lingerie33798425"The key word for this group is respect! NO NUDITY- that means no dicks no pussies no bare titties NO PROMOTING- that means your music your IG your groups your businesses your pages NO DISRESPECTING ANYONE - that means owners execs admins or group members NO HATE SPEECH OR HARASSMENT - that means you will not speak ill of someone based on color gender religion or sexual preference STOP FLOODING THE WALL WITH GOOGLE PICS OF WOMEN! THERE IS NO NEED FOR ONE PERSON TO HAVE MORE THAN 5 (AT THE ABSOL
2 FASHION UNIQUE - Sharm8802200Welcome to the group FASHION UNIQUE- Sharm Dear Members, I have created this group for people who live in Egypt and like to buy fashionable clothes and jewelry from branded companies, follow my posts in our group. All orders and requests what you need please send to my inbox. I live in Hadaba my number phone 01281549731 All items are from the countries of the European Union. ***My dear customers*** I do not reserve clothes Please think through your shopping 1. I do not re
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