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1 Knowledge every Muslim should know35088750Basic Islamic Knowledge for all Muslims and anyone else who wants to learn about Islam
2 Buddhist Friends34910368725We member of the Buddhist Friends Group will take care about the following guidelines for the smooth functioning of the group in the very highly dedicated manner. 1. Dignity and respect of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Buddha with the individuals and the group has highest priority. 2. Personalized post and comments is prohibited try to make this is generalized in favor of all. Please avoid hurting anyone personally. 3. You should be very polite while giving the comment either in favor or in agains
3 Jesus is the Way the Truth and the life!348308700This marvelous Community in Christ should Encourage us to look for more Christ-centered truths- both in other parts of the Bible and in all life of the Lord Jesus Christ' followers who are keeping the Lord Jesus in the middle of everything. Living a Christocentric life. Please do not post many messages in our group, a maximum of 2 per day. All that you place more will be removed. Hoping That You have all of this understanding. No advertising is permitted usefull.
4 National Paranormal Society347148675The National Paranormal Society (NPS) is an educational and informative group relating to all aspects of the paranormal field. Individuals requesting membership into NPS agree to read and adhere to the NPS Members Packet which includes when you can advertise in the group (this relates to sharing of fan pages, information about your paranormal oriented groups and teams, and/or services and talents), being respectful of other members, initiating conversation when posting pictures and videos, ensur
5 QURAN AND HADITH346608650Invite (mankind) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and reason with them in the best manners possible’ (al Nahl 16:12) And warn by the Qur'an those who fear that they will be gathered before their Lord - for them besides Him will be no protector and no intercessor - that they might become righteous.Quran 6:51 THIS GROUP IS TO SPREAD THE REAL LIGHT OF QURAN AND ISLAM, AND TO HELP THOSE(NON BELIEVERS) WHO HAVE EYES BUT BLIND, WHO CAN EAR BUT DEAF, (DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND
6 H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society34678650Chronicling the strange goings on of the HP Lovecraft Historical Society. We encourage people to get involved with us us and share their interest in all things Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Visit the HPLHS' website at http://www.cthulhulives.org - you'll find it brimming with lots of fun Lovecraftian stuff!
7 New Muslims World.34560008625LAA ILAHA ILLA'LLAH MUHAMMADUR-RASULULLAH. New Muslims World is a spiritual growth site for all Muslims (born and new). Any Muslim versed in any Islamic knowledge can post a comment. New Muslims can also pose questions. Members are encouraged to share their spiritual experiences.You can also post via email to newmuslimsworld@groups.facebook.com The group facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/newmuslimsworld/ *when posting a picture please make sure the people are dressed properly* In
8 Down Memory Lane ( DML )34598625All members of Down Memory Lane (DML) Malaysia are deemed to have read this welcome message and have agreed to the rules below: Group Description: Welcome all! This is Down Memory Lane (DML). The Purpose of this group is for all members to rekindle their memories, to share our rich experiences of the past and to assist the coming generations towards a better future as Malaysians. I started this for everyone to realize how united we were as Malaysians before and how united we should all stri
9 3%ERS344308600Are you finally noticing things aren't right in the United States. Are you worried about losing your rights. Have you joined groups with high hopes of action only to find post after post about everything that is wrong, but no actions are being taken other than swapping pics and news stories. Then if you want to be proactive, Join a group that's building yet still active. Finding petitions for actions and sharing them. Letting you have input to things you know need to be addressed and as our numb
10 British Rail Old School (BROS)343158575 There are fewer and fewer ex-British Rail active staff on today's modern railway, and they are now a minority. Thankfully there are still thousands of retired ex-BR railway-men and -women still out there. What was it like working for a nationalised railway: good, bad, happy, or sad? British Rail has been gone now about 13 years, and all traces of it seem to have been wiped away from this modern corporate concern; still, they cannot take the memories away - that's why I have created this grou
11 Spirit Science And Metaphysics Community3426868550*** GUIDELINES *** WELCOME TO SPIRIT SCIENCE AND METAPHYSICS COMMUNITY A conscious community of light workers and soul searchers. In the interest of providing an atmosphere which we can openly discuss and express our opinions on relevant topics and ideas in a civilized, peaceful manner, we request the following: *That you not block any of the admins of this group. The admins can be found by clicking on the Members tab at the top, then clicking the drop down menu next to the search area for
12 Atheist vs Theist341258525Does God exist or not? Rules (full set in 1st pinned post): 1. No personal attacks or threats of harm. 2. No preaching, recruiting, no Dawaa. 3. No plagiarism. 4. No non-English posts. 5. No trolling; derailing; not answering; no Poe; no Straw Man. 6. No unrelated topics; Politics, abortion, gay rights, circumcision, etc. must link clearly to a/theism. 7. No sexual harassment. 8. No excessively gory images. 9. No uncommented posting of links. 10. No spam.
13 Malaysian Catholic Christians3402648500A meeting place for Malaysian Catholic Christians and ANYONE of goodwill who wishes to join us irrespective of their creed as we profess to be the Catholic (Universal) Church. "Meetings" open 24/7, inclusive of public holidays. The Chairman and His Committee* will always be there for you, whenever and wherever you may be. “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my n
14 PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE FORUM3401408500THE RULES OF OUR GROUP - PLEASE READ, UNDERSTAND AND COMPLY The Lord led us over two years ago to create a group for a SPECIFIC need. There was no Facebook site that offered people access to a group designed ONLY for Christians who believe in The Pre Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ. We discuss scripture and current events that pertain to the Pre Tribulation Rapture only. This group is to be a safe haven for us free from the attacks of others who do not share our love for the truth
15 Crime Watch Malaysia340798500TELL US - YOUR STORY MIGHT SAVE A LIFE If you are a victim of crime or know a friend or relative who have been a victim, do tell us your story. This website will attempt to highlight the horror of the rising crime rate and the brutality of crime in our country and perhaps initiate greater concern and action from the authorities and the government. Do also tell us your story or complaints if any as regards to the responses from the police or other authorities. It might just encourage them to i
17 GOTHS338148450this groups for people who are intrested or already are goths its about the lifestyle,photography, modeling ,art, architechture,music ,poetry/ writing . films/ movies . fashion and accessories and of cause the subculture of gothic people, everyone is welcome to join but please keep your videos ,links, and photos related to the group p.s trouble makers are quickly banned cos it ruins the mood for a good group have a nice dark day
18 We (Fucking) Love Atheism337178425Welcome! The W(F)LA Closed Group is for Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and all Freethinkers that support the Atheist community. We welcome all atheists and like minded people to this closed group, however, theists will be redirected to our main pages - We Fucking Love Atheism or We Love Atheism where open debate of religion is acceptable. This is a closed group where you can feel free to chat about atheism and other topics in a non public place free from religious scrutiny. No need to worry a
19 Largest Native Facebook Group334378350If you're Native, First Nation, Metis, Inuit, Indigenous, Aboriginal, then join this group....and invite all Natives in your friends list, cuz I want all First Nations on FB in this group...OK??? By the way...this site is designed for all Indigenous Nations worldwide, be it Canadian, American, Mexican, Central & South American, Australian, New Zealanders, and anywhere else u got proud Indigenous cultures!!! Native Pride, Universe-wide ;) Since the beginning of creation, the Anishinabeg, lived
20 You Park Like An Asshole (Malaysia)3341408350Vigilant? Good Samaritan? Yeah, we hope to be. We hope to educate peoples, drivers how to mind other business. We don't want to hold them up unnecessarily. Park wisely. Park mindfully! (",)
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