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1 Lever Action Rifles341158525This group is for people who own, shoot, collect or obsess over lever action rifles and everything associated with them. Any and all discussions or comments on lever actions are welcome. Enjoy.
2 Professional Speaking Association32838200This group is a place to share resources and ask questions that are helpful and related to the speaking business. Please DO NOT sell or self-promote (this includes links to your website, your blog, webinars, bootcamps, events, etc.). Also, please do not post motivational quotes or stories, as we would like to keep the focus of this group on the speaking profession. If you break this rule, your comment will be deleted and you will be warned. If you break the rule again, you will be banned from t
3 USAF Air Traffic Control Past and Present314707850Created for all of the Air Traffic Controllers of the U.S. Air Force, both past and present.
4 International Harvester30547625Welcome to the International Harvesters Group. This is a group for all those who are fans of International Harvester. Feel free to post your photos of IH tractors and equipment, share information about your favorite IH machinery, and ask questions in the message board.
5 Time Travel19234800A place to discuss about time travel, anything related to time travel or lights; share theories, experiments, findings, conclusions, and experiences with time travel.
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