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1 Canon equipment: Buy and Sell!3491408725Welcome! First things first... Please click on the Files Tab and read the Rules/Guidelines/Etiquette Document. Then you may enjoy using this forum for Canon gear. If you have photography equipment that can be used with Canon gear that is also appropriate. Please be advised, all transactions are the responsibility of those involved. The administrators will not be held liable for any transactions and/or problems.
2 Dewsbury Pictures Old and New340178500Post photos of interest about Dewsbury and the immediate surrounding area. This is a friendly group and and confrontational behaviour will not be tolerated.
3 Nature World Photo3398288475Welcome to the wonderful world of nature photography. It is an international group on Facebook that shows the beauty of our land taken by you in the photograph. Founded in 16 Dec. 2013 by Nature Photographer Arkadiusz Niemczyk. Basic Terms and Conditions NATURAL WORLD PHOTO GROUP: 1. There is no daily limit of photos!!! 2. Please describe pictures, what is in the picture!!! 3. Please post only your pictures!!! 4. Photos this not associated with the group will be removed!!! 5. Please click on
4 Egyptian photographer3311458275Egyptian photographer قواعد الجروب ممنوع السياسة والتهكم على الاديان " ايا كانت " الاسباب او المبررات يسمح بنشر كلا من الصفحات الخاصة بالمصورين الاعمال فيما لا يخالف الاديان والقيم المصرية والعربية المسابقات والمعارض و منتجات التصوير " قديمة او جديدة " ---------------- For us photography is our way to descr
5 San Francisco Bay Area Street Photography329258225Anyone Can Join! Please post photos that were taken only in San Francisco or within the 10 counties listed (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz , San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma) (1) Please limit photos posted at two per day when done individually . A album may have a group of photos, with a limit of two albums. (2) Please refrain from posting non photography related subject matter , articles and links. (3) Posting Items for sale is prohibited. (4)
6 Photos2Share.net - Capturing Life Through The Lens2911857275Welcome to Photos2Share.net - Capturing Life Through The Lens! This group is for all photography-loving individuals who would like to share and inspire people with their photos. We accept photos of any subject that will catch other members' attention and paint a thousand words, except for those mentioned in the rules below. Visit and like Photos2share.net Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/Photos2Share.net The Rules: 1. Share only those photos which were taken by you. Post your photo direct
7 MIDWEST STREET SCENE26556625MIDWEST STREETS SCENE is a group for you to post up pics, videos, tutorials, builds, parts or vehicles for sale . Want to meet other car, truck, or bike people ? This is not limited to imports , domestics, f body's, lsx, mustangs, or any other type of vehicle. This page is for everything and if it has wheels then you can post. If you have an event or a get together post it up! If your not interested in a forsale post, don't post. Dont shit on someones post and tell people its to damn expensive.
8 Professional Kenyan Photographers.238295950Kenyan Photographers telling Kenyan stories [through the Photographers' Association of Kenya-PAK].
9 HDR Photography2151325375This group is for anyone who is interested in or would like to learn about HDR (high dynamic range) photography. This is a new type of digital photography in which several exposures of the same scene are taken and combined using software to create amazing and sometimes surreal images. Please do not post links or non-HDR images and note that ONLY images posted by the photographer will be accepted.
10 Black and White Academy183104575★ RULES / REGOLE / REGLAS ------------------------------ Joining this group, you agree to the following rules or you will be banned without prior notice. Before you complain that your post is deleted, check the Rules first! If you post nasty or offensive comments your comments will be deleted and you will be banned! Best thing you can do if you don't like one picture that you see in the group is nothing. Don't express negative comments to avoid to start flames. Do not write to the admins askin
12 Trailrunners photography132733300Just started this page so any trail runner,or anyone who loves pics of the trails can post their best work.....David Russell
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