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Faebook Group Directory: Fitness

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1 BBGC Bariatric Bad Girls Club Weight Loss Surgery Support3483138700BBGC Bariatric Bad Girls Club ® Brave. Accepting. Diverse. Support for post-op bariatric weight loss surgery patients. © 2009-2014 Bariatric Bad Girls Club, BBGC, Melting Mama ® Pouchworthy WLS, Inc. Contact, sponsorship, advertising - meltingmamamelted@gmail.com http://www.meltingmama.net/wls BBGC - Education + self-advocacy for post-op bariatric patients, interactive community for support and guidance for life after weight loss surgery.
2 Running the World345238625A place for runners of all ages and abilities from all over the world to share experiences, and help and motivate each other in a relaxed, warm and friendly environment. We're all on the same team so relax and enjoy the fun! No advertising, spam, promotion, marketing or buying/selling is allowed in the group. This includes any kind of adverts including product advertising, event advertising, Facebook pages/groups, websites, petitions, sharing special offers and discounts, competitions includin
3 Fitness Chile (Gym,Consejos,Motivacion)34312008575Hagamos una comunidas chilena de fitness,en donde podamos compartir nuestras dudas,consejos,motivacion o experiencias :)
4 Fitness/musculation & Nutrition communauté3372148425Communauté autour de la musculation/fitness, la nutrition et la santé. N'hésitez pas à poser vos questions, montrer votre évolution... Entraide, partage, retour d'expériences et conseils. Règles : ► Si vous êtes nouveaux, il faut vous présenter à la communauté (âge, poids, expérience, objectif sur court terme et long terme, des photos pour argumenter vos propos...). ► Avant de poser une question, chercher un peu dans les différentes discussions si elle n'a pas déjà été p
5 My Fitness Pal16134025My Fitness Pal people
6 Black Women "DO" Workout!-Georgia State Chapter126393150The Black Women Do Workout State and International Athletic Fitness Events and Expos encourages, facilitates and maximizes “ALL” Athletic Exercise Awareness, input and participation in every aspects of health and fitness! We offer Seminars, Workshops, Doctor Referral Services, and Fitness Classes like Walking, Jogging, Running Trails, Zumba, Exercise Bootcamps, Spinning, Pilates, Pole, Yoga, Belly and African Dance just to name a few! We are looking to develop your ”STATE CHAPTER” to hos
7 YOGA & EFFICIENT LIFE8652150Dear Friends ; <3 NAMASTE <3 You are most welcome the Path of YOGIC-LIFE . . . We been propagating the following: Ideal experience and realization programs through Yoga-Meditation, Astanga-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga, Raja-Yoga, Yoga-Nidra, Yoga-Vedanta philosophical studies, teaching & training; Integrated / complete healthcare service through Naturopathy, Pranic-healing, Acupressure, Magneto-therapy, chromopathy, Reiki-Healing and Ayurvedic Herbal-Remedies by way of conducting Yoga & Naturopath H
8 Weight Loss Supplement56841400
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