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Faebook Group Directory: ESL

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1 SPEAK ENGLISH with GOOD PEOPLE348120008700Please any posts or comments in English only. And use good English only. Admin can delete your comments or posts which 're not in English or negative posts or abusive comments or disrespectful comments n posts, n also group's advertisement, WITHOUT ASKING YOUR PERMISSION. Violators will be removed from the group. (This group 's created on October 5th 2013) --ADMIN--
2 Secret English Grp [ Grammar + Vocabulary + Usage ] Hush.. CRACK ANY EXAM !343388575Wanna crack the English section of SSC, IBPS, UPSC, CAT, PLACEMENT EXAMS or for that matter any exam? Hop RIGHT IN, click 'Join Group' and consider it CRACKED *!! This group is called as the 'Secret English Group', not because we do secretive things in here, but because this English Group is going to be the SECRET of your vastly ENHANCED, immensely IMPROVED ENGLISH SKILLS. ALSO FOR ENGLISH ENTHUSIASTS, TEACHERS - ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO'D LIKE TO BETTER THEIR ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS IMMENSELY !
3 ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLUB34098500This group is place study together each other members. Like conversation two members of ECC matahatiqu from indonesia and yuta teramae from japan: matahatiqu: how did you join to this group yuta teramae: no body, but i've searching group that can communicate in english. And i came here
4 English speaking friends with Basic English & Mathematics338118450English is an foreign language.But it is easier to learn than our mother tongue.English is the easiest language of the world.The English grammar is so easy that by learning two or three topics minutely it can be acquired.To become skilled in any language is very tough.But being skilled in English is very easy.It is needs only good will and practice.
5 Real Life English330618250To inspire, empower, and connect the world through English. www.RealLifeGlobal.com HAVE FUN, comment, like, add your friends, and help make the RealLife Community better! RULES: Respect, tolerance, please don't post about RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL BELIEFS, or NO DIRECT ADVERTISEMENTS for paid products or services, and no sharing of illicit material. The mission of this group is to help you improve your English, make friends, and connect with people all over the world. PLEASE only post things rel
6 English Space for Communication329138225"English Space for Communication" is all about gathering ESL Teachers, Students and English Lovers worldwide. Our main goal is to spread the use of English Language and promote intercultural communication. Feel Free to : ► Play. - The Best Memories ! ▌▌ Pause. - The Unforgettable Moments ! ■ Stop. - The Heart Breaks ! ◄◄ Rewind. - The Good Times Invite your connections join us at "English Space for Communication" http://www.facebook.com/groups/Englishspaceforcommunication
7 Learn How To Learn ENGLISH327758175Hello Everyone, Please feel free to add your friends! Everyone is welcome to post and share in the group so long as it is EDUCATIONAL and not offensive to other members. Enjoy your time in our group. We hope you like it. Specially thanks for JOINING our GROUP ♥
8 English Speaking People31337825Welcome to English Speaking People!! Here, No race, No nationality, No specific religion, No vulgarity, No bad words. Only people who love English and who accept to share only in English in order to help one another. Here, we give you the opportunity to learn the English Language by following the daily activities (Lesson, Debate, Storytelling ........) and to increase your vocabulary and knowledge. Here, you have the possibility to Participate to the activity of the group by posting nice quo
9 Vocabulary Units21415350Hi everyone! I'm Roberto Ayos. I'm the founder of this group. This group is intended for everybody who wish to improve their English and also to share knowledge with teachers, students and all the people that like it. You'll find many useful English materials here. We hope they can help you achieve your goal to master English. There are some requirements for you to follow: 1. No foreign language allowed. 2. No harsh language allowed. 3. Never discuss religions, politics, and most important sex
10 We love English14253550Welcome to our group (we love English) Let's develop ourselves and reach our goals and I hope that you respect each other and move away from the controversies and intolerance, which is useless and also i hope that you topics useful and you are welcome again
11 Everyday English88162200Watch, read, listen, or write, our aim is to Learn ! Welcome to The Everyday English Community Our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Everyday.English.2012 Our Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/everydayenglish2012 Have Fun, Learn More !
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