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Faebook Group Directory: Startups

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1 Startup Hub349118725Клуб технологических предпринимателей и всех заинтересованных в технологическом предпринимательстве.
2 Entrepreneurs India347128675A platform, where you could mingle/network with entrepreneurs, aspirants and leading technologists in each of their fields and talk to them about how you could realize your idea, and turn it to action, effective methods to achieve growth, monetize it and so on. & we love startups.
3 App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Group33858450This is an exclusive group for people who are actively working towards building their app and/or game business. If you want to get started on App Marketing, pls look at http://AppEntrepreneursAssociation.com Read the simple rules in the group's header image. This is NOT THE PLACE to come and ask people to download your game or post reviews for app so DO NOT POST LINKS TO APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. There are plenty of Groups where you can do that. Links posted here should invite discussion o
4 App Business Entrepreneurs26726675## Read the rules below before posting ! ## This is a community of people who work in the App Business, and we are here to connect & collaborate, ask questions & help each other, share ideas & discuss news / trends / strategies and other topics that enable us to grow our App Business and ourselves as entrepreneurs. We also have a companion-group - "App Business Entrepreneurs Portfolios" - with more focus on the practical & creative sides of apps - where you can post your own work-in-progress,
5 Austrian Startup Pinwall21935475This is an open space for all who need to share something with the Austrian Startup Scene: infos, needs, jobs, questions, events, etc. Please no spam, ads or unrelated posts!
6 Startup Weekend Organizers - Official Group14233550This group is open to all Organizers, Facilitators and Community Members actively involved in Startup Weekend. All members are welcome to post anything and (whether personal or Startup Weekend-related) and invite any other members of the SW Community. Please do not spam the group.
7 StartupList6521625StartupList is a group to share new startups, links, and interesting information. Post, Share, Like, Comment.
8 Bangalore Startups120300Bangalore Startups is an open group for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. A community where people brainstorm their idea, seek help to remove road blocks, share articles, sort feedbacks and if possible get early adopters for their startups. Self Moderation: We encourage self moderation. What does this mean? This means, ask yourself a question. Is it relevant for the majority of the users? If not, do not post here. Job Posts and Job Seekers - Post on the website only : http://blrst
9 Startup Europe120300FB group of Startup Europe. An initiative of the European Commission for tech startups "to start in Europe and stay in Europe" Twitter: @startupEU #startupeurope web site: www.startupeurope.eu
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