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1 Secret Tel Aviv3499608725Welcome to our Community! Secret Tel Aviv is a space for all Tel Avivis to share their experiences and questions, meet new people, and learn about some of the Secrets of this awesome city. Rules of this Group: * No Spam * Always display prices * No Real Estate from brokers or agents * No Politics * No Bullying * No Creeping Failure to adhere to the rules could result in removal of the post, or removal from the group. Love the little magnifying glass on the top right of the group. ------- W
2 Citizens Advice Bureau Spain343118575The aim of this Group and its subsidiary factions in all the regions of Spain and the islands is; to provide independent advice information and support for all interested expatriates and Spaniards alike. Such a support group is imperative especially for hundreds of thousands of non Spanish residents who often struggle to understand the existing and ever changing laws and rules. We are an apolitical concern but with our growing membership intend to become a strong enough force to be able to lobb
3 We LOVE Thailand335398375★We Share that photos and tells story, a passage about our journey, and the list goes on. what about " The beautiful & Amazing Thailand "most about our beloved country - be it a photo that to make this group a useful collection of things to LIKE & LOVE Thailand for other members to follow our experience and to make our remark as informative as possible. kindly Thank you so much for all your support. ✿(╹◡╹ლ)jjb❤
4 FORUM SOLOMON ISLANDS - INTERNATIONAL30037500Solomon Islands has the culture of being silence, although things seems not right and undeserving we remain quiet and ignorant. This has to be stopped. It is high time we take responsibility of our country by being vocal, assertive and proactive in raising issues affecting our lives to the responsible authorities concern. Apparently we need healing and total restoration in our country and it must come from God through the Wisdom He bestowed upon us. Hence Forum Solomon Islands (International) is
5 All Friends of Israel154383850Welcome to All Friends of Israel. Our main purpose of this group is Israel advocacy - from ALL people of all religions and backgrounds around the world. The goal is to coordinate efforts and resources, as well as educate members on facts. A big part of this comes from our members sharing stories, photos, news articles, etc. from their corner of the world. This helps us all relate to each other better as world citizens concerned about Israel, as well as understand how Israel is perceived from d
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