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1 Advanced WordPress345588625The idea behind this group is simple, a place for WP developers on Facebook to meet and share ideas and knowledge with a focus on the most advanced features and functionality without necessarily having to go into any basics. AWP Rules: *Rule 1:* of AWP Club: You don't talk about AWP Club lol. No just kidding we want you to talk all you want about it and tell all your Advanced friends to join. *Rule 2:* If you have a question first do a Google or Bing search (I'm not a Bingist), then try stack
2 All About WordPress28847200All About WordPress: Dedicated to helping WordPress users, designers, and developers. Please see the pinned post for our rules. Thanks! Please do not spam the group. All About WordPress is hosted by Nile Flores of http://blondish.net
3 WordPressians242146050About WordPressians! ===================== Rules for this Facebook Group: ---------------------------------- Everything WordPress. Please take a note about the followings though - 1. Before posting here, please check the previous solved posts in http://wpressians.net/fb-post/ . 2. Do NOT Ask help for Premium Themes and Plugins. Rather Ask help to the respective authors of the premium themes or plugins. 3. No CMS War or CMS Racism – Lets discuss everything positively. 4. No Personal Atta
4 WordPress for the Non-Technical11532875You have a business to build, or you just want to play with a blog. You're not technical and you don't want to be. Heck, you own a car but you don't fix it yourself. That's what mechanics are for. But where do you find a good mechanic that won't take advantage of you. After all, you have no idea what a framitz is and whether it should be $20 or $2000 and whether your car really needs it replaced now. WordPress is one of the fastest growing, and probably best, choices for building your online w
5 WordPress.11132775WordPress. The best blogging platform ever.
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