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Faebook Group Directory: Family/Parenting

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1 Dead Beat Kenya351198775This is a descriptive term that refers to parents of either gender who have freely choosen not to be supportive parents or who do not pay their child support obligations. Deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by child support agencies to refer to men and women who have fathered and mothered a child but are unwilling to pay child support ordered by a family court or statutory agency.
2 Homemade(DIY) Halloween props3497858725Post all your homemade (How to - Do it yourself) Halloween props, and Halloween related projects
3 Mums of Bangalore347398675This group is for all mums in Bangalore, who enjoy creativity and play, wish to exchange ideas and advice and share events that are happening for kids. RULES OF THE GROUP 1. Please feel free to post AND advertise to the page as long it is relevant to children. 2. Only post an advert ONCE a week. 3. Please refrain from being overly opinionated... a strong opinion can often come across as ‘bullying’. We all parent in different ways so BE KIND. 4. Any arguments that escalate in a post w
4 HOOP ( Helping Overcome Obesity Problems)3461088650 Charitable status gained 04/02/2013 This group offers guidance and support to Children,Families, young people and adults who are struggling with overweight and obesity. Through the involvement of a unique mix of passionate people, including obesity experts, professionals, parents and individuals with 1st hand experience of Childhood and Adult Obesity. We offer genuine non judgemental support in a safe and positive environment. Our support is second to none from people who care and understand.
5 I Love u mom345108625"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." Mom asked: who is beautiful me or moon? Best answer said by son: I dont know but when i see u i forget the moon & when i see the moon i remember u...........
6 Family History and Photography341128525We are a friendly chat group for anyone interested in family history and old photographs RELATING TO YOUR FAMILY HISTORY . Feel free to share stories you have discovered about your ancestors and photographs of them and the places they lived. Post questions you haven’t been able to answer and our knowledgeable members will do their best to help you. We have a number of Admins who are here to help and make sure everyone behaves. Any bullying or aggressive behavior towards another member will
7 361 Halloween Costumes3273058175This Group has been created to sell or buy any and all Halloween Costumes and Costume accessories... Anything that is not Costume related will be deleted without warning. Thank You Admin...
8 Stand up for kids - protect our schools29227300This group is for anybody who wants to stand up for our kids and oppose harmful education policies such as increasing class sizes and introducing primary school league tables. It's also a place to celebrate the great work our world-class schools are doing to support our children's learning. Supporting website www.standupforkids.org.nz
9 Being a Great Mom!26656650Creating this group since i found it very difficult to connect with Moms who have babies my son's age. This is a forum where Moms can not only share baby tips and news, baby care ideas, baby entertainment ideas, taking baby out and what to do with them etc but also talk about other interests that include self development. This forum can actually introduce you to some adult company - something you tend to miss when you are around a cute goo gooing and gaa gaaing baby. Feel free to add like mind
10 Just Moms213135325Share the best (and worst) of motherhood and womanhood! From temper tantrums to messy houses, homemade remedies to your favorite recipes. If we don't have it here, start your own discussion! Join our group and ask questions, share your ideas, give advice, or just come to unwind. Some of us are first-timers, some of us are grandparents - that's the best part! We all have different parenting styles, tips, tricks, and opinions. This world is just for you. Just Moms.
11 Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook)11832950Welcome and thank you for your support of this group and the normalisation of breastfeeding. Prior to posting on the wall or discussion board, we encourage you to take a moment to read our info section and browse some of our discussion threads to familiarize yourself with the purpose of this group and the incredibly diverse range of opinions and topics that we share and discuss. Debate is welcome, provided it is kept reasonably civil and free from personal attacks against other members. Due
12 My Sweet Mother7731925This page exclusively discusses the beauty of motherhood and also appreciate our mother. Talk about your mother and her attributes that really make you to love her. Please no porn and nude pictures will be allowed here. May God bless our mothers. Amen. I love you mummy!
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