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1 Bedroom Tax...think its unfair...join the fight here3382738450Welcome to Bedroom Tax...think it's unfair...join the fight here. This group is primarily to fight against and for the discussion of the much maligned Under Occupancy Penalty, better known as the Bedroom Tax. We are not averse to discussions concerning the effects of welfare cuts in general, but do ask that you try to keep on subject. It has come to our attention that some members are blocking admin; this means admin cannot do their job of patrolling the group and moderating where necessary. Me
2 KELAB FOREX MALAYSIA30537625forex ni bukan satu benda yg mudah.....ianya perlukan masa dan pemahaman yg mendalam bagi mendapatkan pulangan dan hasil yg baik......masalah skrg ni terlalu byk sgt sistem yg ditawarkan tapi masih tidak dapat membantu kita dalam memahami apakah itu forex......kebykkan sistem yg ada semuanya cuba utk win 100% dalam setiap trade sedangkan ianya agak susah utk dilakukan.....jadi kita kena la siapkan diri kita sendiri dgn ilmu yg betul serta pemahaman secara total dalam mengenal pasti sistem mana d
3 EXTRA INCOME11332825(Pls add min. 100 friends before posting) This group created to provide information, guide and opportunity to earn extra income, secondary income, alternative income, part time income for financial freedom. Today's lifestyle requires us to source alternative income due to raising cost of living, for future savings, or even for financial freedom. Let's face reality, by working 9-5 we not able to save money for the future. Find out how to earn extra income while your working or studying and levera
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