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How to Drive 500 Visitors a Month from Forum Posts with Ease

by Bruce Zhang

Millions of online conversations are taken place every single day on about 50,000 forum sites or message boards. It’s possible to drive thousands of visitors a month to any website in any niche via forum posting. To get the most traffic out of the forum posts, we want our links appear on the top of the relevant threads that are viewed by many.

We’ll show you how to drive 500 visitors a month from forum posts with easy.

Find the right forum sites

We want to join the forum sites that:

  1. regularly have relevant threads,
  2. have a large number of users or a higher traffic ranks,
  3. have a higher level of interactivity, and
  4. have a higher percentage of traffic from our targeting countries. If we target users in US, we are more interested in a forum site that has 30% of US users than the one with just 10% of US users.
  5. We also want to know whether "link in posts", and/or "signature links" are allowed.
All those research can be done with just one click on "Site Info" link on SoEngaging platform once you have created an account, logged in, and created a project. Site Info page shows the top 100 relevant sites with percentage of targeting traffic, level of interest and interactivity, number of relevant threads, traffic rank, PageRank, link policy and more.

Check the sites to monitor and save, and we're ready to discover the right threads on those sites to generate traffic.

Find the right threads or start new threads

To get our links appear on top of the threads, we’re more interested in the threads that have less than 10 posts. To generate more views for our links, we want to join the threads that have a high probability of going popular. Many popular forum posts also rank well on the search engines, which will bring more traffic.

New Threads page on SoEngaging shows a list of relevant threads initiated in last 5 days. It also also shows the number of posts, the number of participants, and the expected total number of posts.

Studying the popular threads from the past will help us generate ideas for starting new popular threads. The following is a screenshot for popular threads related to "Social Media Marketing" project.

Research for Answers

Tens or even hundreds of new conversations are initiated every day for every popular topic, but 20% of answers often cover 80% of questions. It is more productive to develop a knowledge base for frequently asked questions that can be used for developing personalized replies to many threads. Research page is the place to store our research notes

For a new thread we like to join, clicking "Find Answer" will access the research notes and a list of the related answers from the past.

Track Participation

We also want to track the threads participated or initiated for easy follow-ups.

Posting in a less related thread will generate zero clicks, and a link in a related thread may just generate a few clicks on average. A post on top of a popular thread will generate tens or hundreds of clicks. Just by engaging in 20-50 popular threads at the right time, we can drive 500 or more visitors. Create a free account and get more visitors to your website now.

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