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The Best Practice to Generate Leads for Local Small Business from Facebook

by Bruce Zhang

It isnít a trivial task for local small business to acquire customers or clients online. A lengthy SEO process will generate a small amount of traffic with many uncertainties. You spend hundreds of dollars or hundreds of hours to gain followers on social media, but only to find out that your message will reach just a few percentages of your fans.

The reason is simple. Local audiences spend very little time on search engines or Facebook pages, but much more time in online communities to interact with other people. Facebook local groups are the largest and the best source of online communities for small business to connect with local audience.

The best practice to generate leads is to regularly educate and interact with your prospects and be there when they need the products/service that you offer. Facebook local groups can serve both purposes.

Share Your Expertise in Local Groups

There're dozens or hundreds of active Facebook local groups for any niche. For instance, there're more than 50 active Facebook groups about travel in Colorado, and there're more than 50 active Facebook groups where small businesses at Denver promote their products and services. To interact with local audience:

  1. Find 20-50 Facebook local groups with at least 200-500+ members each.
  2. Share your expertise of local markets in each group regularly. Donít just post your products/services in the groups. People donít always need any services, or buy any products, but theyíre always interested in learning the things they may need some days.
  3. Donít post the same post to multiple groups at the same time. Many active members belong to many local groups and check those groups at the same time. A better practice is to rotate your posts among the groups.
A post in a local group usually has a lifespan of a week. It's also much easier to interact with potential buyers in groups. You could easily reach tens of thousands of your potential local customers in 20-50 local groups.

Monitor the Groups for Leads

Many people ask for recommendations in online communities for products and/or services that you offer whether you're a lawyer, real estate agent, roofing contractor, travel agent, or a wedding planner. Had you regularly shared your knowledge and experience in those online communities, and offered your help when needed, youíll be much more likely to get the customers/clients when they need the products/services that you offer.

Run Facebook Ads

The clicks from your posts in local groups to your website will help you build custom audience for laser-targeting when you're ready to run Facebook ads.

SoEngaging is a platform that automates the best practice to generate leads from Facebook for local small business whether you want to do it yourself, or want us to promote your business on Facebbok. Contact us at contact@soengaging.com.

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